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My name is Saif Aldeen Odeh, I am a Physical Therapist and I am currently practicing at the Hospital. I graduated from the University with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. I am both licensed in the Philippines and the State of Delaware in the United of America as a Physical Therapist. Currently, I am planning to enroll Doctor of Physical Therapy in the United States of America within this year.

The purpose of this website is to educate the people about their physical pain and provide awareness about the pain that is considered a red flag, which they must take it seriously. In addition to that, this website also provides important techniques, exercises, and products to review that is useful for managing pain by using his knowledge as a Physical Therapist. Lastly, this website will post articles about Health Care and Fitness Field specifically about the role of Physical Therapy.

Note: This website does not provide as an alternative to Medical Consultation but rather serve as an education and awareness.

Saif Aldeen Odeh

Founder of Therapy to fight pain

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