Top 5 Evidence Based Health Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric, also in another word known as Curcuma longa. Is one of the kinds of herbs which are used for adding spices to the dishes.

As you can see, most dishes like Indian dishes for instance, when they are cooking any food like making sweet potato, they usually include adding turmeric spices, which is one of the best and even the healthiest spices in the world.

Aside from enhancing the flavor and making the food delicious, research shows, which is found in many articles and even studies from some universities that turmeric containing a very important component called curcumin, has produced a lot of good effects that is extremely useful and provides health benefits in our body.

In fact, some pharmaceutical companies, they extract curcumin from that plant and used it as a medication.

Health Benefits of Turmeric

There are 5 important evidence based health benefits of turmeric uses which play’s very important role in our body and also help fight against medical diseases.

  1. It helps reduce blood sugar and prevent on having Type II diabetes

There is two type of Diabetes: Type I, which is hereditary and can happen in young age; while Type II Diabetes is caused by more on lifestyle such as being obese and it occurs in old age. One of the benefits is that Curcumin can actually reduce blood glucose level which can help reverse the Type II Diabetes.  Many research and journal have already proven but in here there are two journals for example that I can include. First, a research that was published in

One of the benefits is that Curcumin can actually reduce blood glucose level which can help reverse the Type II Diabetes.  Many research and journal have already proven but in here there are two journals for example that I can include. First, a research that was published in

Many research and journal have already proven which I will be elaborating two journals to support these. First, a research that was published in Diabetes Care, the journal of the American Diabetes Association, shows that during the 9 month period of intervention, turmeric extraction was 100% successful at preventing the risk of the prediabetic patient to develop diabetes Type II. That is because the turmeric help improves the function of insulin-producing cells of the pancreas known as Beta or β-cells.

Another studies published by International Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism, have also shown that it reduce blood sugar level by “reducing the hepatic glucose production”, “suppression of hyperglycemia-induced inflammatory state” , “stimulation of insulin secretion from pancreatic tissues”, “improvement in pancreatic cell function”, and “reduction of insulin resistance”.  Overall, all these can improve the symptoms, prevent complication and may even reverse Type II diabetes.

  1. It has Anti-inflammatory effect

Having inflammation in our body will cause more harm which can cause diseases like cancer, Alzheimer or even arthritis and these will just further deteriorate our health.

Fortunately, it is already proven that turmeric has produced a similar effect as NSAID and other painkillers, except, what makes it better is that it doesn’t produce harmful side-effect in our kidney or liver compare to other pain killer medications.

A research shows that a small constituent of turmeric, curcumin, can help reduce C-reactive protein, an important maker that is responsible for producing inflammation.

Moreover, it will prevent the activity and the production of the enzyme cyclooxygenase-2 (COX2) and 5-lipooxygenase (5-LOX), which they both play’s important role in inflammation.

  1. It will improve brain function specifically those with Alzheimer Disease, and other Brain injuries.

People who have Alzheimer Disease are pathologically caused by the formation of plaques known as amyloid plaque.

When these plaques are accumulated in the part of the brain, it will cause degeneration of the cerebral cortex (a kind of structure within the brain) leading to further damage and compromising the function of the brain. This pathological process will lead to Dementia and subsequent Alzheimer Disease.

Fortunately, there is recent research evidence that curcumin will help break down and even prevent the formation of amyloid plaque. This is done by helping the macrophages, an important cell in the immune system, to break the plaques.

Also, turmeric will help increase Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor – or BDNF, a protein that will help improve cognitive function in the brain.

Moreover, even though you were not diagnosed with Alzheimer disease, some people who experience deteriorating function in their brain could also be caused by a lot of toxicity and inflammation in the brain, and it is fortunate to say that turmeric or curcumin contain a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammation, which will eventually help reverse this manifestation.

  1. It breaks down cholesterol which will protect you from Heart Diseases

In our body, there are two kinds of cholesterol: First, High-density Cholesterol or HDL. This is a good cholesterol in our body since it will help remove cholesterol from the blood.

Second, Low-density Cholesterol or LDL. This is bad cholesterol in our body, which if there a high amount in LDL level this will promote fatty deposition in the blood vessel known as arteriosclerosis, leading to heart diseases.

Taking anti-cholesterol drug such as statin drugs produce harmful side effects which will damage the kidney and even the muscle. Fortunately, taking Turmeric over drugs is much preferable since it is much affordable and it is safer.

According to research, curcumin can help reduce the Low-Density Cholesterol level or LDL in the body by breaking the bad cholesterol down and at the same time it increase HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol) in the body.

  1. It destroys cancer cells and even prevents having one.

We all know that none of us will like to have cancer and we use a lot of effort to prevent having these diseases.

When we hear cancer, we usually assume that there is no cure for that and even chemotherapy produce horrible side effect which promotes more harm in the body.

There are many types of research that have proven that turmeric can help eliminate cancer cells (it is more effective in the intestine and in the prostate organ) while leaving the healthy cell unharmed.

According to the American study that was conducted last 2007, it states that “combined curcumin with chemotherapy to treat bowel cancer cells in a laboratory showed that the combined treatment killed more cancer cells than the chemotherapy alone”. 

Another study also showed on 2007 which was conducted on mice that curcumin helped to stop the spread of breast cancer cells to other parts of the body.

Lastly another research mentioned that “combination of α-tomatine (a chemical compound found in tomato) and curcumin more potently inhibited the growth of PC-3 tumors (human prostate cancer cell lining) than either agent alone”

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  1. Saif, lovely article here about turmeric’s health benefits. We should all be eating a diet of whole foods and using of our spices and herbs, such as turmeric.

    I actually cook a lot of things with turmeric (rice, eggs, cabbage, and I even use it to make a tea). I hate the tea, but anything for a lower blood glucose and like you stated above, if it will keep away cancer, heart-related issues, inflammation, to name a few, then I will have it. Nice job.

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