6 Best food for muscle pain relief

Muscle pain is a very common discomfort in our muscles, which is very common in our life. Having muscle pain does not necessarily mean that we have medical conditions and it could be from many causes, from minor injuries to organ damages to pathological cancer.

The word “muscle pain” is actually a bit broad, and there are few kinds of definition of muscle pain. One common name would be DOMS also known as “delayed onset of muscle soreness”, this kind of soreness is very common after excessive use of our muscle during activities, which when we overuse them this will lead to the production of lactic acid and other free radicals, which is responsible for causing DOMS. This is so common after doing body-lifting, joining in marathon runner or participating in some extracurricular activities in the gym or other places.

Another kind of muscle pain could be known as muscle cramp or muscle spasm, it is defined as an excessive or involuntary muscle contraction which could be a discomfort, the pain could be from mild to severe. The causes of this problem could be due to many factors; Low amount of calcium and potassium, since this two mineral is extremely important to have a normal and healthy muscle function; Dehydration due to inadequate intake of water; and lastly “overuse muscle function” from exercises or other activities.

Most of us are not aware that some foods play a very important role in our muscles, which it will help increase muscle healing, relieve exercise-induced muscle soreness, and even prevent on having one in the future, which is important for those athletics or body lifters. And with these foods, you don’t even need to use pain medications such as NSAID as they are not appropriate for long-term use since they produces horrible side effects. There are 6 foods that will help relieve muscle pain.

1. Tart Cherry

Tart CherrySources

Tart cherries are considered one of the best foods for aiding in healing muscle pain caused by DOMS or muscle cramp. Research has shown that cherries are highly effective in reducing muscle pain, which produces the similar effect like NSAID or aspirin. This is because cherries contain flavonoids and anthocyanins, which have an anti-inflammatory action by eliminating free radicals that are responsible for causing muscle injuries. In addition to that, they also inhibit COX enzyme, this enzyme is the one that causes pain and inflammation in the muscles. Tart cherries serve as the best alternative to NSAID, which is because it also inhibits COX enzyme.

Things to remember: The darker is the Cherries, the better it is because the dark pigment is rich in flavonoids and anthocyanins.

2. Blueberries


Blue berries like Tart cherry has similar benefits that will help relieve muscle pain. They also produce an anti-inflammatory action that will help eliminate free radicals that were produced in the muscles in response to excessive activities or exercises, which causes DOMS, muscle spasm or cramp

3. Banana


Banana contain a significant amount of potassium which is effective in reducing muscle cramp or spasm because muscle cramp or spasm is caused by the low amount of potassium and magnesium. And if that is the case, then I suggest you include banana as part of your diet.

4. Ginger


Research from previous studies has shown that ginger help reduces muscle pain caused by exercises or activities such as those in marathon runners or body weight lifters. They contain a compound that has an anti-inflammatory action. Ginger can be used with teas or stir fry them with onions and garlic for your delicious and healthy food. In addition to relieving muscle pain, they can also be used to relieve Osteoarthritis pain.

5. Water


It is very important to drink water daily, especially after having a workout or laborious activities. Being dehydrated is one of the causes of muscle cramp or even DOMS. So it is a must that you must be hydrated in order to maintain your body healthily because, without water, we would not live longer. Water is a very important substance that will not only help maintain our healthy muscle function but also maintain healthy organs, hearts and brain functions.

6. Eggs

eggWhen it comes to building our muscles, it always comes in our mind that protein is the answer of all these. The egg is one of the favorite foods which is rich in protein source. They are very important for building up our muscles after exercises. They contain a rich antioxidant selenium and lutein that will help reduce inflammation. In addition to that, it increases energy production which is needed when exercising.


  1. Wow this is very impressive. I didn’t even know certain foods can dull away muscle pain… i’ll keep that useful information in mind. Thanks so much for sharing!
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  2. Such an informative page! I know what i’ll be shopping for from now on! thank you so much for sharing your knowledge for I know many will find it useful as i did!

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