Best Hamstring stretches for Lower Back Pain

One of the most common cause that you experience low back pain is because of tightness in the hamstring muscle. The Hamstring is located just at the back of your thigh. There are 3 ways to perform Hamstring Stretch.

1. Stretch in a Long Sitting Position

A. Start  in a long sitting position.

B. All you have to do is bend your trunk and try to reach your toes.

C. In this position, you will feel a stretch in your hamstring muscle. Perform this for 5 times and while stretching hold for 10-15 seconds.

2. Stretch while Lying in your back

A. In this position, you lie on your back.

B. Then try to reach your leg up with your knee remain straight until you feel the stretch. You can either use elastic band or towel to help pull your leg toward you.

C. Perform this for 10 seconds hold for 5 times.

3. Stretch while Standing

A. Another way to stretch your Hamstring is in standing position, you will need either a chair or table to help you stretch the muscle.

B. If you want to stretch your right hamstring, raise your right leg and bring it to the table or chair, so it will provide support by allowing the table to hold the leg in this position. Make sure the knee remain straight and it must not be bend

C. After you achieved this position, bend your trunk down like as if your trying to reach your leg. In here you will feel the stretch.

D. Try to perform this for 5 times and hold it for 10 seconds.

If you will like to know more on how to perform hamstring stretch while standing. You can view the 3rd Video below, as this will help you visualize on how to stretch the hamstring.


In addition to what I have mentioned, there are also other alternate ways to perform Hamstring Stretch but one way another, it is still the same effect. And Please remember, they are all obtained from Youtube and I don’t own them, I just want to share it with you, so that it can give you some ideas.





  1. I have been trying to find ways to alleviate my low back pain. I am pretty sure it is from sitting at a desk all day. I have tried elevating my feet and taking more breaks to move around.

    I never thought of doing hamstring stretches for low back pain. The examples you have given are quite simple. Is there a stretch you could recommend that I do while at work that doesn’t involve me sitting on the floor or putting my leg on a desk?


    1. Hi Simone. Thanks for visiting my site. When you want to stretch your hamstring, it is usually perform when in your lying on the floor/bed or putting your leg on the table, since sitting will relax your hamstring and you would not feel any stretch. However you can perform this when standing, all you have to do is just position your feet wide apart and try to reach toward the floor with your outstretch hands. This exercise seem you are bending your trunk but actually this will also stretch your hamstring muscle. You can see the picture of how you can perform hamstring stretch when standing. If you have any questions regarding exercises or pain. I will be gladly to provide my knowledge.

  2. These are some great exercises. I did recently have a lower back injury from straining my back while working out. It’s been a nagging injury for about 3 weeks now. I have been stretching a lot recently. But, one thing I have done is make a chiropractor appointment and it’s been helping my lower back a lot.

    I have always been opposed to taking pain killers or muscle relaxers for muscle injuries. They make me feel horrible and high all the time. What foods do you recommend to help you heal faster? Something with protein maybe? Haven’t really researched it yet.

    1. Protein has a lot of purposes, first it can help build your muscles when you go to gym or after weight lifting, and it can also make you more active or mentally alert. Because eating a lot of carbohydrates instead can make you sleepy. If your concern pain, it really depends. For example, if the pain is caused by inflammation, then yes there are foods that will help eliminate or relieve pain. You can check this link to know more about food that fight inflammation.

  3. This is awesome. Im also a physiotherapist but I had no idea where to specialize in regard to niche.
    Very original and obviously it comes in handy because you can use your own photo’s and stuff. Great job dude. Perhaps I will also start a niche in this business sometime. Will also help be to stay on track with the progression in science. For how long have you been a physio?

    1. Hi maurice, thats awesome your a physio too. I just graduated last march, which mean I am still a fresh physio. I started to make this blog, because since I still remember what I learned in college, it will be best to share my knowledge for what I have learned. Its good to see a fellow physio who is also a member of wealthy affiliate 🙂

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