Mckenzie Exercises for Lower Back Pain: Easy To Learn

This exercise is very effective for disc herniation because McKenzie’s exercise is designed to encourage the displaced disc to move back into its correct position which will alleviate the pain and allow freer spinal movement. This exercise help strengthens the back muscle and the same time stretches the abdominal muscle. There are 4 steps and they must be performed in order.

I decided to let myself perform the exercises so that I can give you some ideas on how to perform them.


1. Lie down in a prone position

A. In this position all you have to do just lie in your stomach, and maintain this position as long as you can. This serve as a starting position, and you can put the pillow under your stomach for further relief.

Note: This position can also be used if you are sleeping or when you are in the bed.

2. Prone on elbow

A. In this position you will propped the elbow from a prone position.

B. Maintain this position for 10 seconds for 5 times

C. After that return back to the previous position in Step 1, and then repeat it again until you are done performing this for 5 times.

3. Prone press up

A. In this position, you will perform press up with your hand. So what will you do is return back to step 1, and push your hand against the floor to raise your back.

B. Hold this for 10 seconds for 5 times.

Note: If you experience pain when you perform this exercise, you dont have to perform full motion, just start slowly until you can progress it with no pain.

4. Standing with Extension

A. In this position you will stand up and bend your trunk backward.

B. It is not necessary to hold it for 10 seconds, just perform it for 5-10 times.


For those who prefer to learn through videos, there is a video where you can watch. I do not own this video and the source of this video comes from YouTube below this link




  1. This post is simple yet effective and completely relevant to me. My husband has always suffered from back and neck pain, he has tried various techniques to relieve the symptoms. I shall refer him to your site in the future so he can deal with these in the ways you suggest.
    It looks like there are some easy steps to finding relief.

  2. This is great advice to to find relief of lower back pain! Thanks for letting someon perform the exercise, that helps to do it properly!

    I will add it to my daily routine and hope it helps against unhealthy working on a laptop all day:) I do go for a run several times a week, but it seems like there has to be done more to get rid of my back pain.

  3. Nice article!

    It’s amazing how such small and subtle exercises can really help with back pain. The stronger the muscles are the easier they can support your spine.

    Thanks for sharing! I will share this article with a few friends of mine who suffer from back pain.

    Would you advise going to a doctor before trying these exercises?

    1. Thank you Ian. Even a very simple exercise can help you a lot for back pain. I will be happy if your friend can stop by and check my website, as there are so many information that will have relieve pain.

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