A Very Important Sleeping Position To Avoid During Pregnancy

Usually, when we sleep, our positions varies based on how comfortable it is. For example, we sometimes sleep in our stomach, our back or even in the side lying position. But during pregnancy, one must know that these positions we find it comfortable may, in fact, promote more harm for the pregnant mother, which they will find it very uncomfortable.


3 Trimester during Pregnancy

Before I will explain the causes on why to avoid those positions, we must know first about the trimester period during pregnancy, which is divided into 3 trimester:
A. On your 1st trimester it is between 0 to 12 weeks
B. On your 2nd trimester it is between 13 to 26 weeks
C. Lastly on your 3rd trimester it is between 27 to 40 weeks or until during labor.


Why must you avoid on lying on your stomach or your back?

Now you know the 3 trimester, there are two positions that must be avoided during pregnancy; one is to lie on the stomach known as “supine position” and lie on the back called “prone position”. This position is permissible during 1st trimester, but it must be avoided when you reach on 2nd or 3rd trimester. That is because during pregnancy, your uterus became enlarged, and in this position it will compress the large vein called Inferior Vena Cava; a vein that is responsible for bringing deoxygenated blood from your lower body to the heart. This compression as a result will cause decrease blood circulation in your heart and body, which as a consequences it will decrease your blood pressure, causing Hypotension. Being Hypotension produces symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath, and clumsiness.

In addition to that, it may also cause other problems such as edema in the legs, varicose vein or hemorrhoids. Since it is expected to have changes in your abdomen due to pregnancy, it is difficult to sleep on the position your stomach since it may also endanger the fetus due to compromising the blood circulation. Also due to excessive weight by the fetus, this will produce excessive lumbar lordosis, which will produce low back pain. This pain will further aggravate during sleeping


What is the best position to sleep during pregnancy?

Many are wondering, what is the best position to sleep during pregnancy, especially when you reach your third trimester. It is very important to know that sleeping in side-lying position; specifically on the left side, is the best position. This is because in this position there is less compression, which it will help improve the blood circulation and nutrient to the placenta, providing nourishment to the baby.  Lying on the right side on the other hand doesn’t provide as much compression as lying on the back or on the stomach. But despite of this, doctors do not recommended pregnant women to sleep in that position, this is because it will put greater pressure on the liver, which might be dangerous. This position however varies on each person, which might be true in some cases.

What happen if you experience pain, heart burn or  other symptoms?

These problems are very common in pregnant women, especially during their third trimester. Symptoms such as heart burn, low back pain, increase body temperature, and becoming moody are part of the normal developmental period during pregnancy.

When experiencing these symptoms, lie in your left side position and place a pillow between your legs as this will help relieve the symptoms. There are some who prefer to sleep in a sofa or in a chair instead of the bed itself as they could be more comfortable than the bed which of course depends on each individual, and there are some pillows that are specifically used for pregnant women, which might be sold in the pharmacy or in the maternal shops, or if you’re not able to find one, ordering through online such as Amazon will be one of your options. It is recommended to use this kind of pillow for your comfort.

It is very understandable that it is so frustrated to sleep on only one side of position which is so uncomfortable, but one must understand that this is done for the sake of the child, none of us will want to see or experience the complication of the child, which could potentially be life threatening especially when you reach your third trimester.

In this video, this will help you give you an idea on how to sleep in a comfortable position when using the pillows. Some of these videos provide different ways of positioning your body when sleeping. But nonetheless, they are effective.

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