Do not exercise in the water if you have one of these symptoms

When you exercise in the water may provide a lot of benefits and advantages compare to the land-based. However, when the patient has an existing conditions or disease, one must take an extra precaution since it might promote further harms than benefits. These are the 5 most important precautions that you must know BEFORE STARTING ANY WATER EXERCISES.


1. Fear of Water

If you are one of those people who are hydrophobic, you may feel very hesitant on participating in water exercise. Instead of feeling better, your symptom will increase during and after immersion because there is an increased muscle guarding, which you will feet quite defensive when someone tries to touch you;  stress response may increase anxiety and pain; and may have difficulty concentrating & correcting the performed exercise.


2. Controlled Seizure

If your seizure is controlled through medication, you can still participate in the pool. However, they will still have to monitor you very careful and you must have taken your medication for seizure prior to participating in water exercises.


3. Cardiac dysfunction

If you were diagnosed with stable Angina or have a history of high blood pressure, you are still allowed to participate in hydrotherapy because exercising in water put less cardiac stress than inland exercise. However, you still have to be supervised by the Therapist for safety purposes.

For those who are unfamiliar with the word “Stable Angina”, it is a symptom of chest pain in response to increasing cardiac demand from exercises which is relieved by rest. Also when you are handling patients with Stable Angina, make sure you inform the person/ patient if they have brought their Nitroglycerin drug, it is a MUST that they must bring it with them no matter where they are since having a chest pain can be recurrent.


4. Small open wound

If you had a small open wound, you can still participate in water exercise without any problems as long as the wound is covered with a waterproof dressing. You can go to the pharmacy, and ask for the wound dressing that is waterproof.


5. Neurological Disorder

If you were diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, DO NOT exercise in warm temperature like 33 degree Celsius since you will get fatigue very easily. In fact, you get fatigue in all warm environment. It is recommended that you exercise in a colder environment. In addition, if you have a very poor coordination, you will need to be supervised by someone while you are in the pool. The Point is YOU SHOULD NEVER BE ALONE IN THE POOL



Another important thing you must know is that if you have either one of those concerns below, then water exercise is A BIG NO.

  1. Water or In-borne infection such as influenza, typhoid, cholera, gastrointestinal infection, poliomyelitis, Urinary Tract Infection, cold, fever and Hepatitis
  2. Danger of bleeding or hemorrhage
  3. Uncontrolled seizure
  4. Unstable angina
  5. Severe Kidney Disease
  6. Peripheral Vascular Disease
  7. A big open wound or skin infection

Note: For those with the kidney problem, when your body is immersed in the water, your Brain will stimulate your body to excrete water  through urination. But since there is a presence of kidney disease, the patient will have hard time to urinate and if you are unable to urinate, this will cause a horrible consequences such as Ascites (excess fluid or edema in the liver), Peripheral Edema (swelling in the leg) and of course cause further damage to the kidney.


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    I think this post is a perfect one because there are so many things I learned from it. For instance, I believe that many do not know that if they have a small open wound they can ask the pharmacy to dress it with water proof so that they can participate in water exercise or whatever.

    This is a great informational post that could help a lot of people that are interested in swimming but may have one of those stated problems, now they will know what to do…

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