Best Exercise for Low Back Pain that can be use in the House

There is actually so many kinds of back exercises for low back pain. Some of those exercises depend on the patient’s conditions and it could confuse the clients. I am going to discuss you what kind of exercises you are going to perform in the house based on the person’s condition to help relieve your Low back pain which includes stretching. It is very important that I must discuss the conditions because some back exercises are considered contraindication (A BIG NO) and they might promote further harm.

The procedures and steps which include the pictures on how to perform them will be discussed in a separate page based on each link of the given exercises.


These exercises are indicated for those who have excessive lumbar lordosis, weak abdominal and gluteal muscles. Also when you are one of that person who has diagnosed with spinal stenosis; spondylolisthesis; spondylolysis; or if you have a flexion biased, this exercise is perfect for you. For those who don’t know what is flexion biased is, it means that when you bend forward your pain feels much relieved. However, if you bend backward, your pain will get worse which will even  spread down toward your thigh or even both of your leg.

This exercise will help reduce pain and promote lower trunk instability by strengthening the abdominal, gluteal muscle, stretch the hip flexor, hamstring and the lower back muscle (sacrospinalis muscle).

Do not perform this exercise if you were diagnosed with posterior disc herniation.


Having a tight hamstring is one of the common causes of having low back pain. This muscle is attached from the pelvis down to the back of the knee. When there is tightness, this causes posterior pelvic tilt by pulling the pelvis down and away from the lumbar spine, which put significant stress on that spine and this is how it cause back pain. In addition, it also decreases the speed of walking and length of the stride. However, the step length remains normal.

Usually in most cases when you have the tight hamstring, it is also accompanied by weak abdominal & gluteal muscles and tight hip flexors. If you wish to relieve your low back pain, it will be better if you strengthen and stretch those affected muscles aside from just focusing the hamstring, so that you can accomplish a desirable effect of pain relief.


According to the recent research, this exercise is very effective for acute low back pain and those with chronic pain. If you were one of those people who’s pain got worse when bending forward but relieve by bending backward also known as extension-biased, this is the best exercise you can perform in the house.

This is very effective for disc herniation because McKenzie’s exercise is designed to encourage the displaced disc to move back into its correct position which will alleviate the pain and allow freer spinal movement. This exercise help strengthens the back muscle and the same time stretches the abdominal muscle.


This exercise is very useful for those who have chronic low back pain regardless of what causes. It is used to activate both deep core and superficial global muscle. Research has shown that people suffering from chronic low back pain have weakened core muscles. The retraining of the core muscles allows for greater stability in the area and less stress on the structures of the lumbar spine. Improved core stability also provides a more stable base for the joints around the lumbar spine and pelvis such as the hip thus reducing the strain on the muscles moving those joints such as the adductors and hamstrings.

In addition, the more stable the lumbar spine and pelvis, the more power it can generate. That mean the ability to do kick the ball, sprinting or jumping will be greater and stronger.



  1. Very nice blog post. This is very valuable information that would benefit anyone that is looking for this information. I would maybe include some pictures to draw my attention in a little more, but other than that the content is rich and enjoyable. Thank you for trying to help people out and posting very valuable information.!

    1. Thank you Nathan. I am happy you like it. I have already provided the link on each exercise so that you can see the pictures and even videos from youtube. Its hard to find pictures due to copyright policy and I do my best to find one.

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